How to tackle Pak?

There was once a King who set out from his palace, in disguise, to visit all corners of his kingdom, in order to find out the living conditions of his subjects and get an idea on their welfare.

He went to many a place, and spoke to the people living there. But all this while, his mind was pre-occupied with a problem he was facing in his kingdom. The wall (fortress) around the kingdom was in urgent need of repair and was broken in some places. Intruders could attack at any time. At the same time, a gang of bandits were harassing the people in another part of his kingdom. He was not sure which of these problems he had to tackle first.

As he was strolling through the village with these thoughts in mind, he came across a farmer building a wall made of wooden sticks around his field. But he also noticed that there were a lot of weeds eating into his crop. He enquired with the farmer regarding this. The farmer replied, “I can remove the weeds in my field anytime, but if a horde of cattle strays into my field then there will be no crop left for me to use”. This simple answer from the farmer gave the King the solution to the problem he had been facing.

The above story was just an analogy to a very similar problem we are facing.

Likewise, our immediate priority must to strengthen our border with our neighbor. This has to be tackled in a very concrete manner. It could be done by building an impregnable fortress around the regions’ which are most susceptible to attacks.

One more option would be to plant landmines and trespassing detectors to identify any intrusion and set up border check posts and garrisons in strategic positions and modernize the border security forces (both Land and Sea).

As the famous saying goes “Prevention is always better than Cure”, we need to improve and modernize the intelligence department of our defense forces to anticipate and preempt any plausible attacks.

Beef-up the security at all major international ports and modernize these entry points.

Identify and educate the narrow minded people of our country who provide logistic, monetary or moral support to these extremists. 

Provide education, healthcare, employment and equal rights to all sections of the people in the valley and connect the state with the heartland.

Last but not the least, Improve the public relations between the two countries and make the people of these countries realize the fact that not so long ago, we were all part of one of the same great nation, Hindustan.


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