Ghajini Review

First the good part-Aamir Khan has done a good job in Ghajini. Even though he has fewer dialogues than most of the other actors, his performance stands out as the very disturbed man dying to revenge his girlfriend’s death and for his current mental state. But this is not one of his greatest performance by any standards. 

Asin has made her mark as a promising actress, showing that she has potential for good roles.

Plot-wise this is a typical vengeance movie with a different approach,loosely based on the Hollywood movie Memento and a remake of  a Tamil Super-hit movie by the same name.

The bad part: Music lets you down. The Tamil version had amazing music which are popular even now though the movie was released almost 3 years ago.A.R Rehman has lost his magical touch this year with forgettable music scores.

Jiah Khan playing a medical student  could have put more life into her role, she falls short of her Tamil version counterpart played by Nayantara.

But the movie doesn’t bore you the way other movies would, due to a good screenplay and narration .The 3 long hours doesn’t seem to stretch a lot.

All and all, watch it if you have nothing worthwhile to do. But if you have already viewed the Tamil version then its better to skip this one.


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