Kavya Madhavan-Kerala’s own

One more heartbreak. One more love lost. She’s never going to turn around.

I am not lamenting about some tragic love tale here. I am just stating the truth and thousands will consent to this.

Yes, Its confirmed. The pearl of Mollywood-Kavya Madhavan is stepping into married life very soon.

One of the most beautiful and loveable star of the southern film industry, Kavya Madhavan will soon leave indian soil to settle down in a distant land with an NRI.Nischal Chandra, a technical advisor  for National Bank of Kuwait is the lucky groom.

Kavya Madhavan is a household name in Kerala-God’s Own Country. She rose to fame quite early in her film career and has been paired will all the Major film Stars in Mollywood, be it Mammotty ,Mohanlal or Dileep.

Some of her major hits include Meesa Madhavan,Claassmates,Lion,Runway,Chandranudhikkunna Dikkil to name a few.

She also played a role in the recent blockbuster Twenty 20.

But she looked her gorgeous best in the Movie  “Anandabhadram”.

I dont know whether its due to the the camera work(incidentally, it was a Santhosh Sivan movie, who is well known for his picture perfect cinemotography) or her make-up man, but she truly looked like a Godess right out of the image in a temple.

Probably one of the main reason for her success could be attributed to the fact that she is more traditional looking than most of the other leading ladies.Also the fact that she stuck to Malayalam film Industry when most of the heroines were trying their luck in other states made cine lovers appreciate her more and this won her more hearts. But I guess the bug catches up with one and all, and Kavya too ventured into movies of other languages.

Nevertheless, Kavya Madhavan is getting married in March and will probably quit cinema for good. Well, that has been the sad story of all the leading ladies of the film industry in general.

Kavya Madhavan has a handful of films to complete before she gets married and sadly these might be the last of the movies  where we could see her dazzle on the silver screen.

So here’s wishing Kavya Madhavan all the very best for her forthcoming movies and for her happy married life.

In the end, what do we say except  “Wherever you go, whatever you do, please do not forget your admirers”.


kavya Madhavan-Kerala's own

kavya Madhavan-Kerala's own



  1. Best Of Luck To her Wish her Success

  2. haiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……………………
    how do u.do

  3. halo kavya …..

  4. hello kavya

  5. Vipin

  6. Kavya very beuty

  7. hiiiiiiiii chechi you are very beauty full…………*********

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