The eternal question: What is Love? A Satire

They say love shows your vulnerable side, your weakness even.

But some say otherwise. It rather brings out your side which was hidden somewhere deep inside you. It puts your resilience to the test. We have seen people crumbling under the stress that is called love, and people who have stood the test of time and risen higher.  

But all said and done the experience does give you the much needed energy to move on and accept whatever your life has to offer.

So what is that answer to the eternal question: What is Love?

Some define it as experience like never before. It is the union of the hearts. Your heart beats for the one you love, they say.

But isn’t heart beat an involuntary function. How can it have a mind of its own?

They say your body become intoxicated and you won’t be able to think logically.But doesn’t booze and dope give the same affect?

They say you become selfless when you are in love.But isn’t selflessness for him/her in turn makes you selfish for that person.

You even get sleepless nights. But doesn’t every other problem give you that.

So how do you uniquely define Love and its attributes?There are plenty of debates and arguments on this topic.It is the most common topic on which most of the movies play around with.But that too is based on personal experience of the people involved or from some books.

But finally it boils down to the individual who feels this experience.Ergo, it would be better if we experience this eternal bliss on our own and get the knowledge than go for hearsay. 


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  1. Pretty much agree with every point of yours, dude…

    But falling in true love is quite an experience, not every one gets that privilege. And out of the few who do, most of them either won’t have the courage to convey it or on conveying it hits a impasse. Its only a handful of lucky people and courageous people who can take it to the next stage, facing all the predicaments.

    One thing for sure, “Love” is nothing like what they show on television or Movies.

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